Another month, and we have another round of hotfixes introduced into the world of Diablo 3, thanks to the development team over at Blizzard Entertainment, where they hope to enhance your gaming experience as much as possible, as well as fix any potential loopholes that could be used to exploit the game and spoil the experience for everyone else. Well, after installing patch 1.0.4 for Diablo 3, what are some of the applied hotfixes? Let us take a closer look at several squashed bugs, among them additional improvements made to help reduce the occurrence of rubberbanding and desync issues when using movement-based abilities such as Furious Charge, Whirlwind, Tempest Rush, and Vault. Not only that, a crash which sometimes happens when interacting with guards or fighting guards that turn into monsters has also been vanquished, so you need not fret any more about approaching those two-faced guards.

Several cases of “rubberbanding” has also been fixed, where these happen sometimes while playing under extremely high latency, whenever a character changed direction or movement speed, or when a character used certain movement-based abilities (like Tempest Rush or Whirlwind). There is also a fair share of game and service crashes that has been exorcised from the game. After listening to all that, how do you feel your Diablo 3 experience is like today compared to when it was first released, or have you already moved on to other titles?

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