Epic battles in a snowy environment might sound far more comfortable than duking it out in the sandy dunes of Afghanistan, but as you would have noticed from the battle at Hoth, life is not all peaches and cream there, either. Well, traveling on foot in heavy snowfall conditions are definitely not quite the most comfortable experience, and neither would you be able to get anywhere very far and fast, either, although there is always the possibility of you manipulating the midi-chlorians in your body to help you float about. Enter a more practical method of getting around – using a snowspeeder.

Unfortunately, your last name is not Lucas and you do not live on Skywalker Ranch, which is why you end up creating your very own Snowspeeder that you can view in the video above. Builder “Fortyozjuicebox” used some cardboard and a healthy amount of duct tape to come up with this snowspeeder that runs more on the law of gravity then fuel. Reminds me of those classic Calvin & Hobbes moments, this.

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