Dunkin Donut has launched its first payment app on Android and iOS. With it, customers can basically pay for their purchases using pre-charged money from either a credit card or a Dunkin Donuts card. At the moment, there is no “cart” or other possibility to prepare an order from the app.

The Dunkin donut app works very much like the Starbucks app (if you’ve seen it). In the end, the customer shows a barcode that is scanned by the in-store mobile payment system. While this is interesting, it doesn’t make the process faster, which is usually the main appeal of these systems. For example, if customers could build their order on the phone and have it scanned to order+pay at the same time, things would move much faster. That’s not the case, for now.

For Dunkin Donuts, going to mobile payment is a general win. It doesn’t hurt their business and gives them an opportunity to gain loyalty and access to their customers habits. It’s not hard to imagine how they could plug a reward system, and all kinds of social aspects to further promote adoption. On that topic, the Dunkin Donut app lets friends send gift cards of up to $100 over Facebook.

I really like the idea, and the app looks nice. However, I feel a bit like Dunkin Donuts is getting much more value out of this than its customers. We want features that makes our lives easier, like building and keeping order as templates, people want to queue less and enjoy the donuts more.

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