Ah, progress in the world of software more often than not comes in the form of an update or a newer version number. The same can be said for Evernote for iOS, as this particular app has served many well in the past, but that does not mean there is no longer any more room for further improvement, don’t you think so? That’s what we thought, too, where Evernote for iOS has just received its latest update that weighs in at 13.4MB, allowing you to tap just about anywhere on the document itself to perform an edit right there and then, without having to go through more than one step to edit a particular document.

Basically, the new and updated Evernote for iOS will no longer be as inefficient as the old, where tapping tapping anywhere in an entry will see the editing tool appear right at the spot where you tapped earlier. It does not sound like much, but it sure as heck would make this particular app far more fun and efficient to use. Have you given the latest version of Evernote for iOS a go yet, and how did you fare with it?

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