So you love your Moleskine to bits and pieces, although some might call it an overglorified notebook. The things that careful branding is able to achieve never ceases to amaze me, and here we are with an unprecedented partnership that merges the exclusivity of Moleskin alongside the Evernote iOS app, resulting in the Evernote Smart Notebook. This limited edition notebook will allow you to digitize your scribbled pages thanks to special dotted patterns that are pre-printed on the pages itself. Using said patterns, the updated iPhone and iPad app’s ‘Page Camera’ functionality will allow you to capture photos of the physical pages, creating an archive of your handwritten masterpiece at the same time.

Thanks to the dotted-pattern, it will assist the the app in correcting the photo’s skew. Not only that, Page Camera is also able to improve the contrast of the pages and remove shadows by itself for that added touch of “smarts”. Accompanying the Evernote Smart Notebook would be a set of multi-color ‘Smart Stickers’. Apply these stickers to your different pages, and depending on the sticker color, it will tag the photo under the appropriate location with the rest of the photos that share a similar sticker.

You can choose from pocket and large sizes for the Evernote Smart Notebooks which will retail for $24.95 and $29.95, respectively, choosing from ruled and squared page styles.

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