Facebook might not be doing too well on the stock exchange at the moment, but this does not mean that the social network has no impact at all in this world. In fact, one of the more heartwarming stories that we have heard concerning the power of Facebook recently is this – Hannah Craig and her childhood friend reunited over the social network, Facebook.

Basically, the gist of the story is this – one of Hannah’s kidneys started to fail earlier this year, resulting in the Tampa Bay area teen to look out for a donor in order to have a transplant performed. Doctors were not too optimistic about the prognosis though, claiming that it might take up to five years before a matching kidney from a donor is found, before Hannah received a seemingly random phone call from a childhood friend, Hillary Glanzer.

Hillary had lost contact with Hannah for years, but since the former saw a posting on Hannah’s cousin’s Facebook page, Hillary immediately stepped up to the plate and made her decision to donate her kidney. This surgery was performed successfully in June this year, and it brings a nice, warm fuzzy feeling to all of us who have heard of this kind deed, don’t you think so?

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