Former Apple designer says she once mistook a Samsung phone for an iPhoneFollowing the testimony of Peter Bressler yesterday in court who said that a dozen of Samsung’s products have infringed Apple’s patents, Apple lawyers introduced its next witness today – Susan Kare. Kare is an artist and graphic designer who created many of the interface elements for the Apple Macintosh in the 1980s. She was also one of the original employees of NeXT. She testified that the application screen on Samsung’s phones are “substantially similar” to iPhone’s design.

Kare also narrated her own previous experience to the jury, saying that the phones look so similar that she once picked up a Samsung phone in a lawyer’s office, thinking it was an iPhone. “I would usually think of myself as someone who is pretty granular in looking at graphics and I mistook one for the other,” Kare said “In addition to my formal analysis, I had the experience of being confused.” Now, Apple lawyers are using Susan Kare’s testimony to convince the court that the South Korean tech giant has indeed violated Apple’s patents.

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