Garmin has just announced a new GPS that is aimed at professional truck drivers. This is a small but active market, and to make the Garmin dezl (pronounced “diesel”) 760LMT GPS appealing to that particular crowd, Garmin has customized the navigation software by adding things like Truck Profile which takes into account the size and weight of the truck as some roads are off-limits for them. There is also a special set of points of interest (POI) that is specifically targeted at professional truck drivers (truck stops, weigh stations, truck repair…). Finally, it also integrates a truck log and fuel budget management which be synchronized to a computer.


Physically, the Garmin 760LMT GPS is a big 7-inch navigation device, which should be very comfortable to use. Just like its consumer counter parts, it features things like Bluetooth smartphone pairing, active lane guidance and photo real junction (actual photos of the exit). The map updates and traffic information are free.

The two extra inches makes the split views much more readable, and we’re sure that some consumers would love to get their hands on a 7″ GPS as most consumer-level products top at 5″, at least with Garmin. What do you think? Is bigger better, or is your smartphone simply good enough?

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