Gone are the days when James Bond was the only one to use cool spy gadgets. The rapid advancements in technology make sure that you don’t miss out on the fun.

Ever wanted to sneak in somewhere and capture photos and videos? This is now possible with the Rover 2.0 tank from Brookstone. Unlike the earlier model from Brookstone, Rover 2.0 is able to capture videos, albeit of a normal quality.

The best part about Rover 2.0 is that you can control the tank from the iOS or Android app that it comes embedded with. It sends the videos straight back to your smartphone or tablet, enabling you to make instant use of them.

The earlier model of Rover provided buttons to control the tank with. However, Rover 2.0 can be controlled with the help of sliders, which are a lot better. The speed controls, though, are still the same. You can either get the tank rolling or stop it – there are no intermediate speed options.

One of the most popular features in the last model was that of night-vision. Fortunately enough, the feature is also a part of Rover 2.0. During the night-vision mode, the tank turns off all of its lights and starts using infrared night vision. Videos and photos captured in this mode look ultra-cool when viewed on your device.

One slight draw-back of Rover 2.0 is that it quickly saps away the battery power and is not rechargeable. You have to lay your hands on new AA batteries as soon as you are out of battery juice. To replace the batteries so often may sound a tad bit inconvenient but then, the tiny tank isn’t meant to go on elaborate spy mission, is it? If you are already eager to lay your hands on the tank, you will have to wait till October when Rover 2.0 will officially debut with a price tag of $150. [via Wired]

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