To put things in a nutshell, gift cards make for perfect last minute gifts when you are all out of time and ideas. After all, it is somewhat close to giving cold, hard cash to the recipient, except that gift cards can only be spent at the store where the gift card is affiliated to. Word has it that Google is working on the latest v3.8.15 update to the Play Store app, where alongside a bunch of minor user interface changes, there are whispers of Play Store gift cards being implemented in the future after some of the more curious folk out there decided to dissect the APK file.

Right now, the gift cards will not be able to be used as they remain inaccessible to the user, but the future will see you being able to enter a gift card code while redeeming the amount on content that you would specifically like. Not only that, Google has also introduced a balance amount in your account when they began to be generous with a $25 payout for each Nexus 7 buyer so that they can blow this on the Play Store.

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