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Goophone I5 is the Android-powered iPhone 5 knockoff

goophone iphone 5 knockoffThe (digital world) pirates certainly know what tickles our fancy, with the iPhone 5 yet to be released or even announced (that will have to wait until this September), but surprise, surprise, they have already come up with a knockoff that is Android-powered, now how about that? I am quite sure if the Apple legal eagles are through with the manufacturer of this handset, they won’t be able to get as much as $1 billion from them.

This iPhone 5 replica will most likely be released before the real deal, and it will in no way run on the iOS platform. The entire irony of the situation is that this is powered by the Android operating system, although I am not quite sure of the dock connectors that it relies on to hook up to an external computer, if possible. Do bear in mind that what you see above could very well be just a render, so it might not even be an actual device in existence.

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