Grand Theft Auto 4 mod ushers San Andreas into the world of HD

It seems that the third beta version of Grand Theft Auto IV San Andreas, which in reality is a mod for Grand Theft Auto 4, was introduced sometime this week. Apparently, “Grand Theft Auto IV San Andreas” is a special kind of project that gamers as well as fans of the franchise hope will be successful – after all, it intends to port Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas to RAGE, whereby RAGE is noted for being the current-generation engine which ensured Grand Theft Auto 4 is all that the game promised to be. This particular project began development last year, where the first beta version was released in August 2011, while the second beta version made its way to the masses in December last year.

As for the most recent beta version, expect a bunch of notable improvements as well as additions to the mod, ranging from a multiplayer mode to gang wars, races, and of course, new weapons as well as cars. The entire project will see the San Andreas world recreated in HD quality on the GTA IV engine, delivering new life to a game that was released during the peak of the PS2/Xbox era. Well, at least there is also Grand Theft Auto V to look forward to…

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