Guild Wars 2NCsoft has issued advice to players of Guild Wars 2 to be “vigilant on receiving emails related to game accounts,” this coming after ArenaNet confirmed that there has been a bunch of hacked Guild Wars 2 accounts. This bit of news is rather surprising considering how Guild Wars 2 was up and running just a day ago, although there were those who pre-booked the game and had a 3-day headstart over the rest of the crowd. Over the weekend, a group of players resorted to airing their grievances on different online forums that their Guild Wars 2 account appeared to have been compromised.

There were some who experienced missing items, while others had it worse – being locked out of the game completely, and this is not even due to you being Iranian with a World of Warcraft account. So far, ArenaNEt’s support team have responded to some individual emails, one of them stating, “You are correct, your account was hacked. Thank you for submitting a ticket — that will expedite the process! (And I’m sorry that happened to you.)”

It seemed that there is a possibility of these hacked accounts being accessed by gold sellers, according to ArenaNet, with no firm confirmation on how widespread the hacking problem had become.

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