Dreams do come true. It looks like you can now own one of Chris Malloy’s cool hoverbike that we featured last year. Although the futuristic machine is still in its development phase with no word about its production yet, Chris is saying that he and his team can custom build one for you for the modest price of $80,000 Australian dollars, or roughly $84,500 U.S. dollars based on today’s exchange rate, including shipping fee.

“We would like you buy a hoverbike now, but let’s be honest – this takes time to get right. This bike was built over 2 1/2 years by one person in his car garage after work and studies, and building it is only 10% of the way there. Testing testing and testing needs to be done and we need collective help from you!” Chris said. You can learn more about the Hoverbike here. But if the price is too much for you as of the moment, you can get the RC Scale Model of the hoverbike instead. Also, Chris will also be giving away the current prototype if the donations will reach $1.1 Million. You can donate and own one for free here.

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