iHome iD55 Portable Stereo System

For those of you who are absolutely enjoying your summer and would like to stretch this particularly playful and relaxing time of your life further, how about adding some music to your everyday routines? Heck, you might even want to share your favorite tunes with the rest of the world, and this is made possible thanks to peripherals like the iHome iD55 Portable Stereo System. This particular portable stereo system will play nice with iOS-powered devices like the iPod touch, iPhone and iPad, where it comes with a convenient sliding cover that will pave the way for ultimate portability and protection.

Not only that, when docked, your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch will be juiced up at the same time, ensuring your device will always be on the up and up instead of wheezing on its proverbial last legs before reaching its “oasis” – that is, a power outlet. The presence of an aux line-in jack lets you double up the iHome iD55 Portable Stereo System into a highly compatible peripheral. If there are no power outlets around, then a quartet of AA batteries will have to do to get the $79.99 iHome iD55 Portable Stereo System up and running.

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