I am quite sure that your current household, even if they are Apple crazy and love all things from Cupertino, would not have 16 iPads in total. A dorm would do much better in this department, where everyone chips in their fair share of money for the $645 InSync Transport Case. Yes sir, this unique looking mult-iPad charger from Parat Solutions will be able to power up to 16 thirsty and power hungry iPads simultaneously, not to mention sparing yet another space to plug in your (Apple) notebook, too – now how about that for multi-tasking?

There is a mains cable that comes with this puppy so that you are able to plug the case into the wall, charging everything else up within the fastest time possible. Not only that, since the InSync Transport Case looks rather rugged, it is capable of supporting your weight (if you are not obese) when you sit on it, making this an impromptu place for you to sit down comfortably at airports while the rest of the world waits standing up.

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