Yes, more and more information about iOS 6 has started to make their way to the Internet and for good reason too, this is the next generation of Apple’s mobile operating system, and if they want to remain ahead of the smartphone curve, they would do well to ensure their operating system is up to par. What we have here is an image from 9to5Mac that strongly suggests an increased resolution count on the iPhone 5’s display – after all, they ran the iOS Simulator at the next generation iPhone’s rumored resolution of 1136 x 640 pixels, claiming that iOS 6 is “completely scalable to a larger display.” This seems to be the only resolution which is capable of supporting scaling, and once it has been scaled, iOS 6 will show an added bit of innovation by opening up an extra row of app icons right there on the home screen itself.

When trying it out in other resolutions, the extra row of apps failed to materialize before our very eyes. Of course, do take this bit of news with a pinch of salt, and having some patience would also help as the next generation iPhone is tipped to arrive only sometime in September.

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