Sure, there was a dud in the iPad Mini display image that was leaked earlier today, but what you see above came from the very same people who brought you the Galaxy Note 2 bezel, so I would say that the above image has a very high probability of depicting the actual iPad Mini connector cable – what do you think? This could very well be the very first component of the new iPad Mini that is pictured and shared with the rest of the world, where it is noticeably smaller compared to the current connector which works with most of all the mobile devices from Apple.

The connector that you see above might very well be the same one that was revealed last week by 9to5Mac, where this connector was specially designed to play nice with the upcoming iPhone 5 as well. There is also a headphone jack that is attached to this particular leaked device, where the sides of the connector seem to jive nicely with the future new iPhone. Still, until anything is confirmed by the good people over at Apple, one should always tread on the side of caution.

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