If you are a coffee lover, you know that your day will not start off on the right side of the proverbial bed if you have yet to enjoy your favorite cuppa. Those who are willing to go further for a free cup of coffee can always check out this particular vending machine that is placed in Soho Square, London, by U.K. coffee company Kenco Millicano, where it shouts out orders at passers-by, asking them to act all weird and placing them in potentially embarrassing situations. Some were ordered to scream, others to hug the machine, and even dance around in a silly manner, before the Kenco Millicano vending machine actually sends forth its hot cup of coffee.

This is the creation of ad agency Leo Burnett, and it does offer a rather humorous insight into how ordinary folks react to a machine that is extremely demanding. Majority of the folks do seem to enjoy and embrace the experience as you can see from the video above. Now, this machine is not equipped with a super smart processor inside, but rather, has a voice actor to speak through the machine for that human touch. Definitely not the weirdest vending machine we have seen to date, though.

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