Back in the day when internet speeds were not as fast as they are today, many gamers relied on LAN connections to play multiplayer games together. Blizzard’s games in the past used LAN, such as StarCraft and Warcraft, but as StarCraft 2 gamers are probably familiar, the LAN feature is currently missing. For those who don’t mind playing online, it’s not a big deal but for those who like to go to friend’s houses to play multiplayer games, having many friends hog the internet is usually a recipe for a slowed down connection. Now if you were hoping that Blizzard will introduce the LAN feature come Heart of the Swarm expansion, you’d be out of luck.

Speaking with PC Gamer, game balance designer David Kim stated that the LAN feature was not part of what Blizzard was trying to achieve, and as part of the bigger picture, it was not in line with their philosophy of how they are making the game. “I think moving forward we’ll be looking at things like ways where people who are nearer each other can find each other more easily. But that’s not necessarily LAN it’s just a way of finding people nearer to you.” So gamers are you bummed by this or did you resign yourself to the fact that the LAN feature will probably never be introduced in the end?

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