Lenovo logoIf you want to make big amounts of money in life, then run a business and not charity. Since Lenovo is ultimately a business entity, it makes perfect sense to have its accountants make a scramble each quarter to make sure the figures released would not anger their shareholders, so the latest figures released would put a smile on the faces of its investors, as the Lenovo Group announced a quarterly profit that increased 30% on the back of strong sales in developing markets, although the organization did experience slower growth in the midst of global economic weakness.

Lenovo is the second-largest personal computer maker in the world, having earned $144 million in the three months that ended on June 30th, where these came about from $8 billion worth of global sales. The profit growth rate dropped from the previous quarter’s 59% increase, but at least it was still turning a profit, which is always a good thing in such economic climates.

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