You might not hear of the name Lexibook too often here Stateside, but that should be expected considering how this is a French company, and they have recently announced a new range of tablets for kids in the US, where it should be available nationwide from September 15th onwards. Lexibook claims that these new tablets will come with content that has been specially tailored to meet the needs of the video game and social network generation. Sporting a high definition tactile display as well as a kid friendly interface, the family of tablets will come with content that should appeal to toddlers as well as pre-teens.

The educational content has been adapted to the curriculum with 500 sheets of general education, tests and interactive quizzes. You are able to download School Zone apps and 200 pre-loaded e-books for a thoroughly engaging, albeit some say gruelling, educational adventure. 25 games and 52 discovery activities have also been thrown into the mix coupled with photo editing software. Other hardware specifications include Wi-Fi connectivity and embedded parental controls.

No idea on how much these new tablets will cost, as Lexibook did not share anything else at the moment, but it does not seem too likely to make a dent or massive inroads into the American market. Do you agree that with more and more devices like the iPad being churned out, it gets harder and harder for kids to truly use their imagination?  [Press Release]

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