You know what they say – good things always come to those who wait, but then again, there is always a price to pay if you are an early adopter. Case in point, the Microsoft Kinect system that was introduced to the world on November 4, 2010 for $149.99 a pop. This motion-sensing peripheral has finally received an official price drop to $109.99 from today onwards, and retailers like Amazon are quick on the uptake, having slashed and adjusted their online pricing almost immediately.

For $109.99, what will you get? Of course, there is the Microsoft Kinect peripheral itself, in addition to a copy of Kinect Adventures, which comprises of a collection of minigames which were specially developed to parade the many different aspects of Kinect’s capabilities. Right now, a dozen Kinect-compatible games can be purchased on Xbox Live Arcade uf you need to know. Folks who want to hack the Kinect system can also give it a go if you are interested, after all, the entry price point has just opened the door a little bit wider for those on a tight budget.

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