You would say that mosquitoes are the bane of many a camper, as these bloodsucking insects do not let up in their attack and efforts at extracting blood from you. There has been many solutions thought up in the past, but the Mosquito Flamethrower that you see here is certainly one that would reek of overkill. Johannes Vogl is the one behind the idea of the Mosquito Flamethrower, and I would say that pyromaniacs should steer clear of this as it does have the potential of creating more harm and chaos compared to a regular mosquito killer that these days, come in the form of a battery-powered racquet which zaps those nasty insects.

The Mosquito Flamethrower is not said to be new as it was released a fair number of years ago, but thanks to the BugASalt, you can say that the Mosquito Flamethrower has garnered its fair share of interest. Not the kind of equipment you would use if you want your mosquitos to suffer in their death throes, as it seems to be too hot for them to register anything as they turn into ash.

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