If you happen to live in one of the following four Nordic countries – Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland, then you might be pleased to hear that Netflix will be offering their streaming service in that part of the world before the year is over. TV shows and movies are all readily available for your perusal, and you can stuff yourself with unlimited shows with but a single monthly fee. In fact, a wide number of the movies and TV shows made available by Netflix would feature high definition video and Dolby Digital Plus surround sound for added entertainment value.

Those living in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark who are interested in becoming Netflix members are able to sign up at www.netflix.com, where upon doing so, you will be on the receiving end of an e-mail alert once Netflix and their streaming service is good to go in Nordic territory. Additional details such as pricing, content and supported devices will be headed our way prior to launch, so all you need to do now is wait and be patient. [Press Center]

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