A pair of sneakers has long past the stage of just being another pair of footwear that you put on in order to run without the risk of cutting your feet on the sand and gravel underneath your feet. Nike has introduced digital technology into their footwear some time ago with the Nike+ idea, and this time around, the high-tech shoemaker announced the $315 LeBron X model that will include the ‘Nike+ Basketball’ feature. Expect this expensive (albeit desirable) pair of sneakers to arrive at the consumer market later this Fall.

The Nike+ feature was originally introduced as a working partnership between sneaker and iPod, where the latter was to be inserted in the shoe more than half a decade ago, helping you track the distance you have run as well as calories burned. All collected information will then be uploaded to the Nike+ website, where you are able to share and compete with similarly minded folks regardless of where they are. Well, with the LeBron X sneakers, you get ‘Nike+ Basketball’ that will record the jumps and intensity of movements during a basketball game.

This is made possible courtesy of a new pressure sensor that has been incorporated into individual shoes, where it will transmit data wirelessly over to your smartphone, delivering the different kinds of metrics concerning your workout session as well as the game you were involved in. What is the percentage of basketball enthusiasts who play the game in addition to watch it on TV will actually purchase this?

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