According to Nintendo, their upcoming Wii U console is expected to see a release later this year. Unfortunately details which many gamers are looking for, such as pricing and availability, remain a mystery at this point in time. Some are speculating a November release but thanks to the sources at, it seems that Nintendo might be having some issues with the GamePad controller and that it is taking longer than expected to manufacture. That being said, it seems like for those living in the European region, the Wii U could be delayed for you guys.

Instead of seeing a speculated mid-November release, the console could be released in December. Due to the difficulties of manufacturing the GamePad controller, CVG’s sources are saying that there might be enough units for some territories, while other regions will see shipping times slip by a few weeks. However with a specific release date having yet to be announced by Nintendo, we guess it’s hard to be bummed out by a rumored delay since we don’t even know when it will ship in the first place, but if you were banking on a November release, you could be disappointed. Either way we suggest you take this with a grain of salt for now, and be sure to check back with us in the future for more updates.

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