Nokia phone flies over 100 meters, sets new world record in mobile phone throwing contestA teenager from Finland has set a new world record in a mobile phone throwing contest a couple of days ago, when he took his old school Nokia handset and sent it flying through the air, cutting the atmosphere and landing exactly 101.46 meters from the spot where it was “launched”. This is an annual contest that is equally quirky as other events such as wife-carrying which was held during the summer. The normally reserved Finns have this quirky tendency to celebrate the warmer weather and rising temperatures with an equal amount of silliness and outdoor activity.

The Finnish teen, Ere Karjalainen, edged out approximately 50 other contestants, with some of them having made the trek all the way from from England and India. The thing is, Ere achieved this new world record by practicing only once, and the only major preparations made were mainly “by drinking”. Take into account the javelin throw that won the gold medal at the recently concluded Olympics in London by nearly 17 meters, and you’ve got quite an interesting story to talk about. Granted, the amount of skill for both events are totally different, but it is just for comparison’s sake.

By the way, I am quite sure that the Nokia handset, if it was working before the throw, would fire up and away in no time after hitting the ground – especially if it is the classic Nokia 3310.

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