The customary blur image of a leaked photo has arrived yet again, this time around depicting the back of a Nokia handset that is powered by the Windows Phone 8 operating system. There has been speculation on the ground that this particular handset had been given teh codename “Arrow”, sporting a Pikachu yellow back that was seemingly taken by someone who was in a hurry, as though he or she did not want to get caught and risk losing their rice bowl.

One can make the assumption that this is the very same handset of a leaked front panel prior that showed off a 4.3” display, except that this is obviously the back of the phone. The curved edges (hopefully Apple won’t come after Nokia) makes it share a family resemblance to the Nokia Lumia 610 and Lumia 710, while the camera and flash seemed to have a slightly different placement. All in all, patience is in order until Nokia sheds more light on the leaked device. What is your speculation for it at the moment?

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