It’s been over half a year since we last heard from the folks at Novatiq, but it seems that they’re back with a brand new SCORP robot and like its predecessor, this version of the SCORP robot has also been designed for inspection and reconnaissance missions and will also have the ability to carry payloads of up to 8kg in weight. As you might have surmised, the SCORP robot will be ideal for military or law enforcement situations where sending in a robot to gather intelligence and to survey the area might be safer than sending in an actual person.

Some of the improvements that Novatiq has made with this iteration of SCORP includes a direct-to-unit mission recording, a redesigned controller with a game style control and a rugged touchscreen display, plug-and-play front camera module and increased durability with upgraded video quality. The new SCORP unit also features multi-unit configurations which allows for multiple SCORP units (the new ones) to be used together at the same time. As with its predecessor, the new SCORP robot will support accessories and add-ons, like CBRNE detector kits, 360-degree optical cameras and extended range antennas. If you’d like to see the SCORP robot in action, check it out in the video above, or pop on over to Novatiq’s website for the details.

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