Some of us absolutely love our furry friends, which is a good thing. There needs to be more love after all, and we have seen our fair share of animal cruelty in the past. Having said that, those of us who own dogs and cats find it rather difficult to plan our holidays, especially when we need to take into consideration their needs when we are not around. Having a friend or another family member around to help out is great, but what happens when no one else is around? A boarding house would be the ideal solution, and Petropolis offers more than just a place for your pet to stay. Petropolis Pet Resort will now carry Skype communication capability so that you need not miss your pet that much.

It is Kevin Brackett’s brainchild to equip Petropolis Pet Resort with Skype connectivity, allowing you to see your pet and make sure that he or she is in the pink of health. Granted, I think your pet would be freaked out to see you suddenly shrunk down to a small display somewhere in the middle of their cage or playpen, but your voice might just cause an extra swagger in that tail wag.

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