Ragnarok Odyssey has finally hit the PS Vita, and in English, too – letting fans of the franchise able to better experience this unique game right in the comfort of their palms, now how about that? It is said that you would do well to prime yourself for quite a tough challenge with Ragnarok Odyssey, so here is a little bit of background story for your reference. Basically, Ragnarok Odyssey is all about a passage which is located along the Millennium Peaks, where it is rumored to open up access to the long-sealed off Sundered Land. The thing is, Sundered Land is teeming with creatures who would love nothing better than to take over the world and wreak havoc on everyone, so it is a good thing that you, as a mercenary, is there to help save the day again.

With plenty of lands to explore not to mention having their respective bosses at each land for you to slay, you can be sure that you are in for a finger smashing good time with Ragnarok Odyssey after you purchase it.

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