Heads up gamers, if Rock Band Blitz is a game you’ve been looking forward to ever since it was announced back in April, well you’re in luck as according to the official US PlayStation blog, it seems that the game is set for a release later today and will be available for download via PSN. For those who are hearing about this game for the first time, Rock Band Blitz essentially takes the same formula as other musical games before it, like Rock Band itself, Guitar Hero and etc., but will instead focus on a faster gaming pace as opposed to the traditional full rock band ensemble of its predecessor. It will also take away the focus from the instrument controllers and will let players duke it out using their DualShock 3 controllers. Basically one could almost think of Rock Band Blitz as an arcade version of the original game. Either way if you’re still unsure if this is a game you should get your hands on, check out the demonstration in the video above.

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