Now this is what we call a totally cool and smart house, thanks to engineer Bohumil Lhota who constructed this high tech abode in a grassy hillside that is located somewhere in the Czech countryside. This unique living quarters is able to be rotated to face wherever Lhota wants – and most of the time, that would be where the sun’s rays are shining upon in order to maximize natural lighting while minimizing power use. Should the mercury start to expand too much for his comfort, there is no need to turn on the air conditioning, as Lhota can always press a button to lower the house right into the hillside, where the cooling earth will help ensure the occupants of this unique abode remain nice and comfortable with a stable temperature of approximately five degrees Celsius.

Located around a hundred kilometres north-east of Prague, Lhota’s project took more than two decades to complete, where he claims that this is a labor of love. I certainly do not doubt that at all, hats off to the man. Lhota shared, “Specialist engineers would have built this house much quicker than me doing it by myself. I would have been glad if someone had plucked up some courage and assigned the project to some professional firm to build it properly and quickly.”

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