There was some sort of hoo-haa earlier this morning concerning Samsung releasing a bunch of excluded evidence that were related to the lawsuit in the US, and this rather naughty move has apparently attracted the ire of the judge who in the end, requested Samsung’s lawyer, John Quinn, to come up with an explanation as to who was the one behind the press release, after receiving authorization from the legal team. Quinn duly complied, filing an explanation to the court by claiming that the evidence’s release “did not violate any Court Order or any legal or ethical standards.” Quinn also did mention that Samsung hasn’t issued any press release, while sending out “public materials in response to press inquiries.”

This was further iterated by Samsung’s lawyer who further claimed that the material is certainly not some sort of underhanded ploy to “influence jurors” as the selected jury “had been specifically instructed not to read any form of media relating to this case.” We do look forward to see what kind of drama will develop in the courtroom later this Friday.

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