The level of service one experiences in terms of flagging a taxi or making a booking varies from one country to another, as there are different cultures to consider, not to mention whether being a cabbie allows one to earn enough to feed one’s family, and we have had our fair share of horror stories with various taxi drivers, while there are also heart warming stories on how some taxi drivers go more than just the extra mile to meet their passengers’ needs. Well, Samsung has a plan to keep passengers safe as well as taxi drivers honest with a recently published patent application that concerns an end-to-end taxi service.

This is more or less a taxi finder that has a rating system, where this mobile app will summon a nearby taxi depending on the taxi driver’s “kindness” rating, and it will verify the correct vehicle depending on a short-range wireless link. I guess the rating depends on passengers assigning what they think a taxi driver deserves, and hopefully this will be done in an objective manner, as I suppose there are ways to manipulate such a system.

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