Electronic Arts has just announced that their famous SimCity franchise where those who have a God complex would love to play, will be able to enjoy the game on Macs from Apple sometime in February next year, where it will come in the form of a digital download over Electronc Art’s Origin store. Not only that, EA will also take the initiative to open up a beta to PC users who want to give the game a go before it rolls out to the masses later next February. In order to be part of this beta, you will need to sign up at SimCity.com/beta. Chosen players “will be asked to provide their views and feedback on their experience playing to help improve the development of the game,” so it is not all peaches and cream as you have a responsibility to provide relevant feedback, too.

The Maxis team is the one behind the development of the Mac version of SimCity, where EA has already promised that a similar rich gameplay on the Mac will be on par with that on the PC. We do look forward to the next iteration of SimCity on the Mac, considering how the previous major SimCity release dates back to nearly a decade ago, where 2003 saw SimCity 4 released.

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