Skype logoHow far have we come since the invention of the telephone (which was obviously preceded by other kinds of long distance communication tools such as smoke signals and messenger pigeons), and fast forward to today, we are able to keep in touch with folks from halfway across the world in different time zones, at the touch of a button. Skype, the VoIP software of choice for millions of people around the world, has just turned 9 today, and where they are now (after being purchased by Microsoft in October last year) is certainly heads and shoulders above what was originally conceived way back in 2003.

How has the use of Skype impacted you in the past 9 years when it came to communication with your family and friends, near and far alike? Have you since moved on to other VoIP programs or IMs, only to return to Skype, and why? Or are you a true blue Skype loyalist who has never taken a look elsewhere?

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