They say that nature has inspired its fair share of scientific advancements, and the same can be said of this special glass coating that gained its inspiration from spider webs. This particular spider web glass, if you will, has seen action in the UK for the first time, where it was specially installed by a lookout tower at Lindisfarne in order to offer sanctuary and protection to the hundreds of species which flock to the island that is located off the north-east coast of England. Thanks to its Ornilux glazing, it is capable of reflects ultraviolet light that can be seen by birds but appears invisible to humans.

So far, tests have shown that the presence of Ornilux glazing might just reduce bird strikes by about two-thirds, and there is further work to be done in order to introduce additional improvements down the road. Bravo! I suppose the only birds crazy enough to fly crashing through glass and other forms of obstacles on purpose would be those from the Angry Birds flock.

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