Just as there are many ways to skin a cat in the proverb, so too, are there different ways to play Angry Birds. Primarily, we use our fingers on a touchscreen display to provide enough elastic leverage to fling those angry birds through the air, sending them crashing down wood, glass and other material in order to get rid of them pesky pigs. Another more refined way would be to use a stylus, but that does not seem to be too much fun. Recently, Samsung did introduce Angry Birds on their select range of Smart TVs, which will see you use hand gestures to fling those feathered friends of yours. Enter the Super Angry Birds custom controller, where it will rely on the genius of a motorized slider, a customized Arduino microcontroller, alongside its fair share of programming so that the Super Angry Birds controller will be able to simulate the feedback of a slingshot to your hand.

A separate switch is available for you to activate different birds’ special powers. This is definitely not the first physical controller hack for the Angry Birds franchise to adte, but it is one of the more impressive ones. Too bad it will not go up for sale anytime soon.

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