We’re sure that there are many of you guys out there who are easily affected by airborne allergens, such as pollen and whatnot that can bring about a pretty bad bout of sneezing. Looking to help alert users of potential airborne allergens is none other than Ford, who has recently updated their Sync system with a feature called AppLink. This allows users to run apps on their smartphones, such as Allergy Alert, while controlling it with their voice. Allergy warnings picked up by the app will then be display on your car’s display so you can keep an eye out for allergens as you drive. So if you spot something that you know you’re highly allergic to, then you can be better prepared by either turning around or getting your medication ready. It also seems that Allergy Alert has the ability to warn users of the current flu index and UV index which should give drivers an indication of how much sunscreen they should be applying. Pretty cool stuff, huh?

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