Despite how modern our technology is, the fact of the matter is that we still have to deal with physical documents. This can come in the form of hand written notes, memos, reports and etc., and if you’re in the situation where you have to keep referring to your notes while on the computer, we can understand if you’re frustrated by having to keep looking down and back to your computer/tablet’s display while typing. The good news is that thanks to a Kickstarter project dubbed Radiul, those days of having to look up and down might be over. As you might imagine from the photo above, Radiul is an accessory for computers and tablets that will hold paper documents up in front of you.

It has a pair of legs that is covered with suction cups and should adhere to your tablet or computer. It will also feature a curved slot where you can place your paper documents, and if you’re wondering why it’s curved, it is to prevent your paper from flapping all over the place. It sounds really simple and while we have yet to try it out for ourselves, it sounds quite practical at the same time. Alternatively there is a Radiul Desktop version that does the same thing, except that it is meant for table tops or in the kitchen where it can help hold up recipes. Now if this sounds like an accessory you wouldn’t mind having, you can pop on over to its Kickstarter page for the details.

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