Christopher Nolan’s rendition of the Batman franchise has some pretty awesome vehicles in there, such as the Tumber, the Batpod and The Bat. However it is safe to assume that if anyone wanted to own any of those vehicles, replicas included, well that’s going to cost them a lot of money, such as this custom Batpod replica which costs a whopping $100,000. While not exactly the most spot-on replica we’ve seen, Tùng Lâm of Vietnam has managed to piece together a pretty close copy and surprisingly it only costs $480. Why so cheap, you ask? Well it might be hard to tell, but Tùng Lâm’s replica of the Batpod was actually put together using scrap metal parts which might explain why it was pretty cheap. Best of all it appears to be street legal, or at least the cops haven’t pulled him over for it yet. You can see Tùng Lâm cruising down the streets of Vietnam on his Batpod replica in the video above.

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