While there is a debate whether Mac computers are better than their PC counterparts, it cannot be denied by even the most ardent Mac fan that Mac computers in general are more expensive than PC counterparts. It can be argued that this is because its components are of higher quality, better build materials, nicer designs and etc., but at the end of the day, a PC with the same specs will probably cost you less than the price of an iMac. That being said, we guess if you were to see someone drop an iMac down a flight of stairs, or an escalator, safe to say it will most definitely be cringe worthy which is what the prank in the video above set out to do.

Basically what the guy did was he took an iMac box filled with glass and plastic, and dropped it in front of strangers just to see what their reactions would be like. He dropped it, tossed it and even knocked it off a roof! Seeing the reactions of the public is pretty priceless as a good many of them appear to sport genuine pained expressions, so without further ado, check it out in the video above!

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