Twitter logoTwitter has come up with a bunch of new restrictions which independent developers might not be too comfortable with – basically, the micro blogging company has announced their latest list of restrictions which will definitely offer a stern discouragement against independent software developers to prevent them from coming up with other Twitter apps. There is no word on just when this move is expected to affect just how current Twitter users worldwide are able to access the service, and these new rules tend to “funnel” new users toward Twitter’s very own apps, and it might end up as the death knell for popular third-party clients such as Tweetbot.

Twitter has slowly been looking to gain more control of its platform as the company intends to grow their service into a digital media powerhouse that can continue existing through the power of advertising revenues – a strategy that has caused a deep division in Silicon Valley’s tech circles. Twitter hopes to provide additional interactive content, while serving better serve ads with the ability to measure the ads’ performance. The new rules claim that new Twitter apps by third-party clients will only be allowed to have a maximum of 100,000 users, while current apps with over 100,000 users will need to double up their user base before Twitter goes ahead by imposing a hard cap on user base. What do you think of Twitter’s action this time around?

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