If there is one irritating thing about YouTube these days (and have been for quite some time already), it would be the presence of ads in some of the videos. Don’t you just hate it when you are hoping to jump straight into the action, only to discover that the video is preceded by an ad? Good thing the desktop version of YouTube allows us to skip those pesky ads, but users of the mobile version are not so lucky – at least until now. As more and more folks watch YouTube videos on the go, the launch of TrueView for mobile could not come at a more timely manner, allowing users to skip ads after the first five seconds.

“Giving viewers choice over ads they watch has led to a better, more engaged viewing experience, benefiting the entire YouTube community of users, advertisers, and content creators. Advertisers only pay when someone chooses to watch the ad, so their budgets go toward the people most interested in what they have to say,” YouTube mentioned in a blog post. That is the way to go, and it remains to be seen just how Google plans to monetize YouTube in a big way.

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