3M AIR and FLEX LED lighting solutions are the bomb

You can say that a company like 3M is probably as flexible as these two LED lighting solutions from them – the AIR and the FLEX. First introduced to the world recently by 3M Architectural Markets (which incidentally is the company’s interior products division), AIR and FLEX embodies their ongoing commitment to develop LED and OLED lighting solutions. After all, the LED and OLED market do seem to experience encouraging growth year-on-year, paving the way for an exciting yet challenging market for interior and lighting designers. For starters, AIR comes across as a lightweight hoop fixture that is available in 3′, 5′ and 7′ diameters, in addition to having a vast array of color outputs to choose from. The LED lights are also dimmable and replaceable, so fret not if some of your brat pack decides to play football at home and break one of the LED lights.

As for FLEX, this is a linear modular lighting system which can be curved along walls or ceilings – it is your choice. The system is fully customizable, and it is made out of a lightweight aluminum enclosure that boasts of a slender profile of just 1.72” thin. Entertainment establishments like nightclubs would definitely find practical use for the AIR and FLEX LED lights.

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