Without Adam Cheyer, there would be no Siri. At least, Adam was the chief technical architect of Siri, Apple’s virtual personal assistant technology that debuted in the iPhone 4S so you know that he has a pretty big part to play in the development of Siri that millions of people have come to use and depend on today. According to Cheyer, “I left Apple for personal reasons some time ago.” and Apple has confirmed that Cheyer is no longer under Cupertino’s payroll.

So what is Cheyer up to these days? Probably just resting and taking a break from it all, as he has yet to take up a position with another company while claiming that he has no future plans for the moment. I don’t suppose he ever needs to work any more for a day in his life considering the amount of money he must have made from stock options over at Apple, but you know the entrepreneurial types, they work for the sake of loving it, and not because of the financial rewards that tend to follow in most successful cases.

There will still be Siri in iOS 6, which will be the next operating system version on the iPhone and iPad. Will Cheyer’s legacy continue in future iterations of Siri?

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