There has been plenty of speculation about “something pig” that is on its way, before it was confirmed that Bad Piggies will be on its way this coming September 27th sometime yesterday. Well, here is a little distraction for a moment, where Rovio Entertainment paid homage to the late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury by transforming him into an honorary character on Monday, which was in time for the rocker’s birthday that occurs today, September 5th.

So much for toppling pigs and breaking down strongholds, our merry bunch of Angry Birds no longer seem to exhibit any of their trademark angst here, where they rode Freddie Mercury’s bicycle in the animated video above, where it has been set to Queen’s “Bicycle Race.” The Pink Bird was missing though, but just to remember, the annual Freddie for a Day campaign celebrates the life of the late singer while functioning as a fundraiser for the HIV/AIDS charity known as Mercury Phoenix Trust.

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