We know that Apple and Samsung are not exactly bosom buddies in the corporate environment, and here we are with word that the Cupertino-based company is looking for more dough (as if they do not have enough cash in their reserves already), knocking on Samsung’s door for another $535 million in damages as part of their patent case settlement against the South Korean consumer electronics giant.

This would be in addition to the $1.05 billion that Apple was awarded in the court of law after a jury ruled in favor of Apple, claiming that Samsung did indeed infringe on half a dozen of Apple’s phone patents. I guess all of that money was not enough for Apple, as they had asked for another $135 million under the Patent Act and $400 million under the Lanham Act, according to Bloomberg. Not only that, Apple also wants a permanent injunction to be issued against sales of the infringed products. All of these are starting to sound a little bit crazy to me (personally, not a representative view of the site), what about you?

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